September 2002

Cover story:
Instant messaging
Long-regarded as little more than a consumer gimmick, instant messaging is emerging as a key collaboration technology.

Intellectual hot property
Web services could offer a simpler way for IT departments to turn their in-house expertise into commercial benefit.

A question of identity
How can organisations manage the increasing burden of managing multiple identities and access rights?

Future gazing
Predictive analysis technology is designed to help organisations see into the future. How can businesses use it to improve corporate performance?


Disregard users’ technology choices at your peril, warns Kenny MacIver.

INSIDER — updates and downloads
Highlights, facts and inside stories from the frontiers of the information economy.
B2B software vendors get chopped
Hospital hopes patients get the message
Employee email abuse
Champions of financial visibility?
Skills shortage continues
Dell risks wrath of Microsoft
David Taylor and the true path to success
NabarroNathanson awards
Information Management Awards 2002

Feedback, opinion, amplification, clarification, corrections.

PERSPECTIVE — technology, strategy and financial analysis
The Information Age interview
Jos du Jardin, European director of ecommerce, United Parcel Service

Glowing references
Customers who are willing to act as reference sites are often handsomely rewarded by suppliers. So why trust their opinions?

Expert advice
Tony Hart of Datamonitor on EAI versus web services integration.

The social side of security
The biggest threat to security is ‘social engineering’, says ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick.

REPORT CARD — company analysis
A round up of the strategic and business issues facing key suppliers in the information technology industry.

PROSPECTUS — companies to watch
A guide to the products and strategies of some of the youngest and fastest growing companies in the global technology industry.
E-Matrix Global

FINANCIAL REPORT — financial results
Highlights and comment relating to the quarterly results of the main suppliers of information technology.
IT services
Business intelligence
Infoconomy Index
Post-merger slowdown at HP

UNDER OFFER — mergers and acquisitions
The important deals in the global IT industry in recent weeks, and emerging consolidation trends.

INFORMATION UNIT — industry trends
Information Unit tracks the key trends affecting the global information economy and analyses the evolution of technology in corporations worldwide.
Wireless networking
Mobile applications
Content management

Reviews of the latest technology business books
Future Net
Business, law and the Internet

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