September 2005

Charging crisis
Huge, disruptive forces – mostly driven by technology – are forcing software suppliers to rethink their charging models.

The Extended Enterprise
IT outsourcing has passed the ‘tipping point’, evolving from a cost-cutting mechanism to a strategic extension of the business.

Who’s who?
Identity management software has come centre stage now the technology infrastructure providers have made it a core part of their portfolios.

Watching brief
CCTV cameras are being plugged into the wider corporate IP network, making their operation a new core competency for IT management.


News stories under scrutiny:
In-flight use of mobile phones is coming soon – if public and regulatory concerns can be overcome.
How and why could big network operators block VoIP?

Insinger de Beaufort
The private bank’s head of IT, John Bryant, explains why he did away with desktop PCs.

Applied IT

Technology in action:
Tech leisure pleasure at the Emirates Palace hotel
Open source police force defects back to Microsoft

Performance monitors
Information Age readers discuss web application performance at the latest roundtable debate.


Month in review

The latest news from the IT industry: Google and Microsoft go head-to-head on Internet telephony, Countrywide’s £2 million software problems, and EDS comes in from the cold.
Infoconomy Index

Company analysis
News in depth:
Lawson Software’s shock therapy
How Lenovo ‘turned around’ IBM’s PC division

Joe Tucci

EMC’s CEO has been a gyroscope for companies whose performance has wobbled.

Mergers & acquisitions

BEA plucks from the Plumtree, while SSA has an E.piphany.

Financial report
Mixed performances in the systems management market, while business intelligence vendors enjoy solid demand.

Letter from the Editor
A major shift is underway in how users pay for software functionality, but nobody has yet worked out a formula that is fair for users and vendors alike, says Kenny MacIver.

Readers’ letters
Feedback on ecommerce, business intelligence, mobile security, risk assessment, software licence management and last month’s ‘Ten Year Top Tens’.

"The worst thing an IT company can do is to keep its security flaws secret"
Off the shelf CIOs
Open sores?
Extreme IT: Out in the cold
Stats entertainment: Salaries
Skype’s the limit

Industry trends
Analyst reports and surveys on:
ERP market growth falls back
Open source becomes more strategic
Survey highlights lack of project control
Manufacturing IT
IP telephony

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