How SMS API gateway by Intis Telecom can help you

With SMS gateway’s help, both small and large businesses can promote their services or communicate any message to the wide audience.

The main benefit here is that a single message can be sent to thousands of users just in one click. Of course, everything is easy in case a quality SMS API gateway is used. Otherwise, many problems may arise.

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SMS API gateway for programmers by Intis Telecom has proved to be a good solution. Easy integration to any CMS and unlimited testing access are not the only good things about the service.

The software is easy to work with (even if you do not have any coding experience). The service allows performing any functions with a powerful API gateway. Thus, you can send HLR requests, collect data, and update your database. The service provides measurable results so that you can estimate how successful your campaign was.

Main features of the service

Intis Telecom is currently serving over 500 companies around the world. Such a high popularity of a service can be explained by the main features of the product it offers.

● High open rates – SMS have over 90% chances to get read, which increases chances for your campaign success.
● Earthy prices – the company doesn’t charge extra fees and support all popular banking options.
● Intuitive interface – the web-based platform is extremely easy to use, even for those who have never worked with similar tools before.
● Easy and smooth integration – the software can be easily integrated into any environment and software.
● Measurable results – after a campaign is completed, you can see open-rate result and be informed about who received/ opened your message
● Powerful and stable API – the solution properly works around the clock with no blackouts and equipment failures.
● High delivery speed – messages are delivered with a few seconds without being queued.

● No geolocation-related delivery restrictions – since the company works with the biggest GSM and CDMA mobile operators, there are no geolocation-related restrictions to the area where messages can “go.”

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Besides, Intis Telecom works with use-proven operators only and supports multiple routes so that it can be run with no failures. All in all, whatever your company is specialised in, this tool will help you in achieving your goals and enlarging your profits.

So, if you are searching for a good SMS gateway solution, Intis Telecom is for you. Use the tool for programmers – get your solutions easily integrated! It is time take care of your business – run it smartly with Intis Telecom.

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