SnapLogic implement DevOps and automation capabilities

SnapLogic’s Iris AI technologies will also be updated, and Mesosphere will be supported to automate vital aspects of continuous integration and delivery.

The Iris AI, along with a new patterns catalogue, will allow clients to create integration pipelines more confidently.

Following the update, clients can build integration workflows from the last Snap as opposed to only being able to implement this from the first Snap beforehand.

The new patterns catalogue will feature pre-made pipeline patterns for users to choose from.

Mesosphere, meanwhile, will allow users to spin Docker containers with a single click, which will lower costs as well as increasing efficiency.

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The newly realised capabilities are set to enhance the firm’s Enterprise Integration Cloud.

This will make self-service application and data integration available to customers, which will accelerate the software development cycle.

This news is sure to relieve many customers, as a recent study by Forrester found that 64% of businesses declared dissatisfaction over the amount of time enterprises take to ship new software.

“As shipping reliable software in a timely manner increasingly becomes a business imperative and competitive differentiator, enterprises must automate business processes, migrate to the cloud, adopt agile frameworks, and improve collaboration between IT teams,” said Craig Stewart, VP Product Management at SnapLogic.

“With our latest platform updates, we’re looking ahead of the curve to provide an innovative product that provides citizen developers with the glue needed to streamline the software development life cycle.”

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Other updates to the SnapLogic Integration Cloud include enhanced API integration, improved Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales connectivity, and enhanced dashboard search.

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