Stick with PBX/SIP or move to VOIP: Pros and Cons of both

If you’re struggling to choose between PBX/SIP and VOIP, here are a few considerations which might help up you make up your mind.


With most businesses, small or large, cost is essential when deciding which piece of technology to invest in. The hosted PBX from MegaPath allows businesses and enterprises to switch calls between users on local lines while allowing users to have a certain number of external lines. PBX systems save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company’s central office. It’s worth noting when using PBX, the system is are owned and operated by the business rather than the telephone company – which could possibly be a supplier or service provider so costs will vary.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a telephone system that delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions such as video over the internet. High-level businesses that have offices spread out across the world may prefer VoIP systems over PBX because when online, your location ceases to be an issue. VoIP has become increasingly popular due to high-speed internet access becoming cheaper in recent years. This low cost also appeals to smaller businesses as calls can be virtually free, with the billing simply being the price of using the internet.


The biggest disadvantage of VoIP services is their reliability. Because they need the internet to function, any drop in your internet speed could lead to business calls being dropped. This is where the traditional PBX has the advantage as the system uses traditional telephone wires, often installed before the internet left the realm of science fiction. As a result of this reliability, PBX systems often tend to work out better for smaller businesses which frequently make both internal and external calls.


VoIP services are specifically aimed at businesses as they can combine web conferencing, fax, voicemail to email, instant chat, and web conferencing with the traditional act of picking up a phone and making a call. On top of this, thanks to the use of VoIP smartphone apps, many people can now take their office extensions with them wherever they go. With the traditional BPX you have a system designed for a given number of lines and phones. If your business needs a bigger system, capacity is available but it’s going to cost you.

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