Workday announce acquisition of to expand its analytics capabilities

Workday is attempting to expand the breadth and depth of its analytics capabilities, namely Prism Analytics, which equips customers with ways to uncover business insights from the growing volume and variety of data across their organisations, by acquiring specialise in augmented analytics, and appealed to Workday for their “Powerful approach that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to automate analysis and deliver insights into what’s happening in a business.”

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Workday’s Peter Schlampp, said: “ takes this a step further by identifying topline trends, issues, or opportunities in the organisation, and then delivers personalised insights to a business user in a conversational, headline form such as “Actual shipments were $283,000 behind plan last quarter, 62% of which originate in Singapore.”

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He added: “I’m excited to announce that we are taking another step forward in our analytics journey with the acquisition of, one of the most innovative players in the analytics space.”

“With the addition of this incredible team and technology, we will power our analytics products to be more intelligent and our UX to be more conversational. This means our customers can find even more opportunities to improve their business without having to dig through data or wait on detailed reports.”

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