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Sundar Pichai

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai has overseen a surge in artificial intelligence development between Google Cloud and DeepMind in recent times, including the rollout of ChatGPT competitor Bard.

The tech leader described artificial intelligence as “more profound than fire or electricity” during a CBS 60 Minutes interview, before going on to state: “We are developing technology which, for sure, one day will be far more capable than anything we’ve ever seen before”. Plans have also been revealed to implement AI into Google search in a move to stay ahead of Bing.

Regarding fears around the possible impact of AI on society, Pichai commented: “We don’t have all the answers there yet, and the technology is moving fast… so does that keep me up at night? Absolutely.” While Google has published recommendations for AI regulation, its chief executive declared that “it’s not for a company to decide. This is why I think the development of this needs to include not just engineers but social scientists, ethicists, philosophers and so on.”

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Aaron Hurst

Aaron Hurst is Information Age's senior reporter, providing news and features around the hottest trends across the tech industry.

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