Support response speeds often disappoint

Organisations pour substantial time and money into implementing enterprise applications, and expect quality support once the software is up and running. On the whole, they are relatively satisfied, say analysts from IT market research company Forrester Research. Forrester recently surveyed organisations that had bought applications from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Siebel and found that 58% are satisfied with their vendor's ability to provide them "with a quality solution to [their] support issues". Only 16% declare themselves dissatisfied, while 25% describe their attitude as neutral. However, the speed with which these support needs are met is often disappointing. While 59% of respondents say that, in theory, they expect a vendor to respond to their support requests within an hour of their initial call, only 27% report this to be the case in practice. By contrast, only 2% expect to wait over four hours to be called back, but 16% say this happens. Siebel users, say Forrester analysts, report an average initial response time of three to four hours, compared with one to two hours for Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP.

Support response times: Expectation versus reality
Source: Forrester Research

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