Symantec and KPMG spin cloud stats in opposite directions

Security and storage vendor Symantec and professional services firm KPMG both published cloud adoption surveys this week, and they found broadly similar patterns of adoption.

Both surveys, which each polled hundreds of organisations in various geographies and industries, found that around a fifth have adopted cloud computing in some form or other; about half have trialled or partially adopted cloud computing services; another fifth are evaluating cloud computing, and between 10 and 20% have no plans to adopt cloud.

However, each company interpreted these results very differently. For Symantec, the figures were evidence that "with cloud, there is more talk than action".

"About two-thirds [of respondents] are still in early discussions, trials or not considering a move to the cloud at all," the company said. "While organisations are excited about cloud discussing all forms of cloud, most are stalled at the discussion/trial phase."

KPMG, meanwhile, says cloud computing is set to ‘skyrocket’. "According to the report, 81% of businesses are either planning, are in early or advanced stages of experimentation or already have full-on cloud implementations", it said in a statement.

"Cloud adoption is quickly shifting from a competitive advantage to an operational necessity, enabling innovation that can create new business models and will impact the long-term growth opportunities and competitiveness of businesses," said KPMG’s head of technology Tudor Aw.

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