Cyber Security

AI & Machine Learning

How artificial intelligence is helping to slash fraud at UK banks

Rob Woods, fraud expert at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, tells Charles Orton-Jones why behavioural data and AI are a powerful fraud-fighting combination


Cutting the cord: Can Air-Gapping protect your data?

Isolating hardware from the internet deters hackers, but at a huge cost. Charles Orton-Jones investigates the tactic of Air-Gapping


How AI will shift the security landscape in 2024

The impact of AI within cybersecurity is expected to grow significantly this year, says Alex Holland, senior malware analyst at HP


Securing your digital assets using advanced strategies for app security

Enhancing app security to safeguard your digital assets is essential. Amy Groden-Morrison explains what strategies you can put in place

AI & Machine Learning

NCSC releases guidelines for secure AI development

New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) aims to help businesses securely innovate with AI and minimise risks


3 cybersecurity compliance challenges and how to address them

Earning those trust seals can strengthen relationships with board members and prospective customers, but it sure isn’t easy.


70% of UK firms reported cyber insurance changes in past year

According to research from Databarracks, seven in 10 UK businesses have seen changes to their cyber insurance in the past 12 months, as requirements rise


How to set up a cybersecurity honeypot for your business

Honeypot tactics remain a widely explored aspect of business cybersecurity - here's how to get the best out of this strategy.


The changing role of the CISO

The cybersecurity head of any organisation has moved from being purely tech and reactive to someone forward-thinking and strategic. Lamont Orange looks at how to navigate the changing role of the CISO


Top cyber security monitoring tools for your business

How can your business effectively and cost-efficiently bolster its cyber security defence arsenal? Antony Savvas looks at some useful tools


Large language models in cybersecurity

With generative AI being a possible a game changer for legitimate businesses and cybercrime gangs alike, we explore the double-edged sword large language models present to cybersecurity


Keys to effective cybersecurity threat monitoring

A strong cybersecurity threat monitoring strategy that evolves with current and prospective threats is crucial towards long-term company-wide protection