Data regulation


3 cybersecurity compliance challenges and how to address them

Earning those trust seals can strengthen relationships with board members and prospective customers, but it sure isn’t easy.

AI & Machine Learning

“Meaningful” AI regulation needed from UK government, says report

A University of Cambridge report states that “solid legal and ethical AI regulation” will be key to trust from UK industry and public.

AI & Machine Learning

Why big tech shouldn’t dictate AI regulation

With big tech having their say on how artificial intelligence should be monitored, Jaeger Glucina discusses why we need to widen the AI regulation discussion

Generative AI

Writing your company’s own ChatGPT policy

Giving your staff unfettered access to ChatGPT could have disastrous results, especially when it comes to unwittingly releasing confidential data. Here are some pointers as to how to write your company’s own generative AI policy

AI & Machine Learning

China advances its regulation of AI development

Governmental developments in Beijing are looking towards tightening AI regulation of tech vendors operating across China

AI & Machine Learning

Google UK chief shares approval of AI regulation approach

As Government urges ministers to boost use of AI, Google UK managing director Debbie Weinstein has referred to the country's approach to regulation as 'best in class'

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill explained

Here's how the proposed UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill could affect the operations of businesses

Data Protection & Privacy

How businesses can prepare for the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill

Data Protection & Privacy

What regulation means for digital interoperability

AI & Machine Learning

Global AI regulation? Possibly, and it’s starting in the EU

Data Protection & Privacy

How do businesses adapt to the rising tide of data regulation?

Disruptive Innovation

Regtech disruption trends: how digitisation is enhancing regulatory processes