Cutting the cord: Can Air-Gapping protect your data?

Isolating hardware from the internet deters hackers, but at a huge cost. Charles Orton-Jones investigates the tactic of Air-Gapping


How to set up a cybersecurity honeypot for your business

Honeypot tactics remain a widely explored aspect of business cybersecurity - here's how to get the best out of this strategy.

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Observability – everything you need to know

Morgan Mclean, Director of Product Management at cybersecurity leader, Splunk, tells Information Age about all things observability

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Why data isn’t the answer to everything

Splunk's James Hodge explains the problem with using data (and AI) in helping you make key business decisions

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GDPR: What do you need to know?

What are the key steps and implications organisations need to take into consideration when implementing GDPR measures?

Governance, Risk and Compliance

How fast you move data will be key to compliance

Where data resides and how fast you can move it between jurisdictions is going to be crucial if you want to adhere to compliance, says David Trossell

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Clive Humby – data can predict nearly everything about running a business

Data Analytics & Data Science

Boost operational efficiency through embedded analytics

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“Curiosity is a skill you can develop”: Microsoft UK’s National Technology Officer on driving innovation forwards

Glen Robinson joined the organisation in late 2019, weeks before the pandemic forced seismic changes to the old normal, but his employer’s focus on delivering pioneering solutions to help the coronavirus recovery effort confirmed his hope that Microsoft uses technology for good.

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Data democracy: bringing everyone on the data journey at Microsoft

Co-creation and breaking down silos to leverage data insights is easier when you have top-level support driving a data-first culture.


Technology investment and partnerships: Driving 21st century growth

The UK Minister for Investment, Alphabet's CFO and an UAE Minister of State discuss how technology investment and partnerships are crucial in driving 21st century growth.

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What organisations should expect next in the evolution of data