Data Analytics & Data Science

Clive Humby – data can predict nearly everything about running a business

Data Analytics & Data Science

Boost operational efficiency through embedded analytics

Business Skills

“Curiosity is a skill you can develop”: Microsoft UK’s National Technology Officer on driving innovation forwards

Business & Strategy

Data democracy: bringing everyone on the data journey at Microsoft

Tech and Society

Technology investment and partnerships: Driving 21st century growth

The UK Minister for Investment, Alphabet's CFO and an UAE Minister of State discuss how technology investment and partnerships are crucial in driving 21st century growth.


Fujifilm glue tapes to cloud

The tape giant, Fujifilm, has leveraged its huge install base to promote a new ubiquitous tape library approach.

Data Analytics & Data Science

What organisations should expect next in the evolution of data

Government & Public Sector

The UK’s National Data Strategy: an opportunity post-Brexit?

Data Analytics & Data Science

US Election data — embracing uncertainty when making predictions

AI & Machine Learning

How trusted data is driving resilience and transformation beyond Covid-19

Business Skills

Caroline Carruthers explores how data helps us in a crisis

How it Works

HERE Technologies’ CTO explains the importance of location data