Digital Workplace

IT management

Remote control: developing leaders in a virtual workplace

Companies offering remote work are finding it’s difficult to offer adequate training and development in a virtual environment.

AI & Machine Learning

The increasing impact of the digital workplace

From remote working and cloud computing to AI and automation, how people interact with their colleagues and clients is changing.

AI & Machine Learning

Digital in the enterprise

Digital Transformation

Oxfam’s communication transformation

Tech Giants

Imagining the office of the future: how you can build a collaborative workspace like Google

Communications & Networking

How IT can prosper from the digital era’s perfect storm

Business Skills

Organisations must prepare for the security implications of the digital workplace – Gartner


The humanisation of IT: the next phase of technology in the workplace

Business Skills

Preparing for the arrival of digital natives

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

#GenMobile’won’t respond to traditional workplace – report