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How edge computing is mitigating challenges in life sciences

Life science organisations have shown their ability to perform incredible feats, empowered by robust, sustainable and scalable infrastructure systems. In this article, we explore how edge is enabling the next leaps in life sciences innovation

Cloud & Edge Computing

Akamai Connected Cloud, combining distributed and core sites, launched

Akamai Technologies has launched its new Connected Cloud solution to help businesses drive value from distributed edge and cloud

Cloud & Edge Computing

How to drive business value from edge analytics


NTT launches Edge-as-a-Service to accelerate automation


How edge computing can bolster aviation sector innovation

Cloud & Edge Computing

Why omnichannel won’t be successful long-term without edge computing

Cloud & Edge Computing

The value of mobile edge computing and smart glasses for field workers

AI & Machine Learning

How organisations can drive value from AI on the edge


The rise and rebirth of P2P – and why it matters

Cloud & Edge Computing

Getting ahead in telecommunications with an edge computing strategy

Cloud & Edge Computing

Three things essential to the future of edge computing

Cloud & Edge Computing

Mind the gap – how close is your data to the edge?