Governance, Risk and Compliance

Two ways to improve GDPR enforcement

Martin Davies of Drata explains how GDPR is currently enforced and how enforcement could be improved across the European Union

Data Protection & Privacy

GDPR compliance: what organisations need to know

The EU GDPR remains one of the biggest changes to data protection compliance globally, and organisations must be prepared.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

6 steps to GDPR compliance

Here are six steps that your organisation should follow in order to stay compliant with the EU GDPR regulations

Data Protection & Privacy

Data privacy: why consent does not equal compliance

Data Protection & Privacy

What will a UK version of GDPR look like?


Data privacy can give businesses a competitive advantage

IoT and M2M

IoT governance: how to deal with the compliance and security challenges

Data Protection & Privacy

What’s the deal with cross-border data transfers after Brexit?

Business Continuity

How companies can ensure business continuity during the pandemic

Cloud & Edge Computing

IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem grows, as BNP Paribas joins


How CIOs and CTOs should move from multichannel to channel-less CRM

Lee Whittington from Pegasystems, explains how and why CIOs and CTOs should move from multichannel to channel-less CRM.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data protection and GDPR: what are my legal obligations as a business?