AI & Machine Learning

Google predicts £400bn AI boost for UK economy

In its report on the economic impact of AI in the UK, Google stated that R&D, computing capacity and digital skills will be keys to long-term success

AI & Machine Learning

Google UK chief shares approval of AI regulation approach

As Government urges ministers to boost use of AI, Google UK managing director Debbie Weinstein has referred to the country's approach to regulation as 'best in class'

AI & Machine Learning

AI development needs state control, says pioneer

Yoshua Bengio, one of the three ‘godfathers of AI’, says firms developing artificial intelligence systems need government oversight

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Elizabeth Renieris – ‘Our robot overlords aren’t quite here just yet’

Elizabeth Renieris is a renowned artificial intelligence ethics expert, who believes that Big Tech is being disingenuous when it calls for a global AI super-regulator. Existing laws cover AI, she says, we just need to leverage them

Generative AI

Google revamps search engine to include AI

Website search results to be pushed further down-screen, with AI-generated question-and-answer-style chats at top of page

Generative AI

AI leader Geoffrey Hinton leaves Google, warning about risks

In an aim to warn of possible harms around AI development, artificial neural network expert Dr Geoffrey Hinton has left his post at Google Brain

Data Analytics & Data Science

ChatGPT won’t kill Google — it makes search more important

Here's how the business and societal roles of Google and the wider search engine space is set to evolve alongside generative AI tools like ChatGPT

Generative AI

How to embrace generative AI in your enterprise

Generative AI

Google begins rollout of Bard chatbot

A waitlist has been established for users over 18 for the new Bard chatbot from Google, as the search company looks to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT

AI & Machine Learning

Bard AI chatbot’s wrong answer leads to drop in Alphabet shares

An error made by the new Bard AI chatbot from Google, included in promotional material, has led to an eight per cent fall in Alphabet shares

Releases & Updates

Google to make 12,000 employees redundant

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced in a company memo that around 12,000 employees in the US will be made redundant, as big tech continues to take cost-cutting measures

Legislation & Regulation

Google hit by record €4bn fine for EU Android market dominance