Generative AI

Sam Altman reveals further Microsoft funding plans, to aid AGI development

In an FT interview, OpenAI chief Sam Altman said further investment from Microsoft is being explored, to back artificial general intelligence.

IT management

Andrew McAfee – ‘Human beings are chronically overconfident’

Management expert Andrew McAfee has studied how mavericks such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have turned the established way of doing business on its head. And he thinks their way of doing things can transform any business, no matter how established or how small

Cloud & Edge Computing

CMA to probe big tech cloud providers for market dominance

The £7.5bn UK cloud market is set for a CMA investigation into the competition practices of AWS and Microsoft, with findings alleging vendor lock-in

Governance, Risk and Compliance

What unbundling Microsoft Teams will mean for EU customers

In the midst of an EU antitrust investigation, Microsoft Teams is now set to be offered to businesses separately from its Office suite

Governance, Risk and Compliance

EU to investigate Microsoft bundling of Office and Teams

The European Union are launching an antitrust probe into the bundling of Microsoft Office and Teams, citing concerns over restriction of competition

Generative AI

Microsoft generative AI priced at $30 per month

Features include the coding copilot from Microsoft are set to see a 53-83 per cent price surge, as the corporation enters a generative AI partnership with Meta

Legislation & Regulation

EU set to probe Microsoft over bundling Teams with Office

Rival Slack cries foul as Microsoft uses its market dominance to drive out competition. But tangling with EU regulators has cost Microsoft $2bn in recent fines

Generative AI

How Bing API prices are disrupting search

Colin Hayhurst explains how the recent Bing API price hike affects the search market, and what businesses in the space should consider

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Elizabeth Renieris – ‘Our robot overlords aren’t quite here just yet’

Elizabeth Renieris is a renowned artificial intelligence ethics expert, who believes that Big Tech is being disingenuous when it calls for a global AI super-regulator. Existing laws cover AI, she says, we just need to leverage them

Generative AI

Microsoft extends generative AI for suite and third-party software

A new copilot for Windows 11, along with over 50 plugins for third-party applications, were announced at the Microsoft Build conference

Generative AI

Google revamps search engine to include AI

Website search results to be pushed further down-screen, with AI-generated question-and-answer-style chats at top of page


Microsoft to stop bundling Teams with Office 365