Generative AI

Pending GPT-4 upgrade claimed to turn text into video

Ahead of the release of GPT-4 — an upgrade on the algorithm powering ChatGPT — a Microsoft executive claims that the new software will be able to turn text into video

AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft and OpenAI enter third phase of AI acceleration partnership

Microsoft has announced a new multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI, extending the two companies' partnership to accelerate AI computing and research development


Microsoft set to make 5% of workforce redundant

AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft announces general availability of Azure OpenAI Service

AI & Machine Learning

ChatGPT AI software integrated into Bing to compete with Google

Cloud & Edge Computing

Microsoft makes big move into financial markets

Tech Strategy

WPP’s data culture transformation — implementing a data philosophy and driving change

Di Mayze, Global Head of Data and AI at WPP, discusses how the creative company has driven its data culture transformation.


Microsoft’s data-focused 2022 ambitions: simplicity, skilling and sustainability

Business Skills

“Curiosity is a skill you can develop”: Microsoft UK’s National Technology Officer on driving innovation forwards

Data Analytics & Data Science

Microsoft’s data transformation journey: three steps to success

Business & Strategy

Data democracy: bringing everyone on the data journey at Microsoft

Data Analytics & Data Science

A self-service data culture: what is it and how can your organisation implement one?