Natural language processing

Development & Programming

SnapGPT generative AI integration solution released by SnapLogic

SnapLogic's new SnapGPT AI product will allow enterprises to integrate applications and data sources with natural language

AI & Machine Learning

Q&A: Improving access to Government services through inclusive virtual agents

Automation & Robotics

How RPA and digital process automation can be used to improve CX

Business & Strategy

Digitisation accelerated by Covid-19 will change the insurance industry

The digitisation accelerated by Covid-19 has changed the insurance industry forever - but how will traditional companies adapt?


Why Covid-19 is a watershed moment for the contact centre

AI & Machine Learning

IBM Watson improves ability to understand the language of business

IBM have announced a 'major step forward' in how its AI - IBM Watson - understands human language and the language of business.

AI & Machine Learning

How artificial intelligence and machine learning changed the SaaS industry

Emerging Technology & Innovation

A “Rosie” future for voice commerce?

AI & Machine Learning

10 use cases of artificial intelligence in healthcare

AI & Machine Learning

3 signs your business is ready to accelerate with conversational AI

AI & Machine Learning

Opening the door for more human-like conversations with bots

Business Skills

4 steps to building a data-driven organisation