Telefónica Digital launches global IaaS cloud service

Telefónica Digital launched its global cloud computing platform Instant Servers on Tuesday, offering configurable virtual servers designed for mobile, enterprise and machine-to-machine applications.

Customers using Instant Servers will be able to acquire, manage, monitor and control their virtual servers at all times from a dedicated website, Telefónica said, in addition to deleting ones no longer needed.

According to Telefónica Digital, Instant Servers comes with a “market leading” service-level agreement (SLA) promising 99.996% availability. In comparison, Amazon’s Elastic Cloud 2 (EC2) and Microsoft’s Windows Azure IaaS cloud platforms offer 99.5% availability.

In addition, Instant Servers offers “superior virtual servers performance”, Telefónica Digital claimed, allowing customers to achieve significatly lower operating costs by making more use of each virtual machine.

The Spanish mobile giant said Instant Servers is built on San-Fancisco-based Joyent’s cloud computing infrastructure, which it claims can instantly expand in capacity by 400% to handle large spikes in usage or traffic.

Telefónica Digital said its Instant Servers data centres are located in Madrid and London, are linked to its global fibre optic network to provide low latency for its customers, and comply with the "highest security standards".

“With the launch of Instant Servers, Telefónica Digital seeks to meet the needs of thousands of businesses that require a cloud services platform that is easily scalable, with low latency and totally trustworthy, enabling them not only to rapidly respond to their own needs, but also to the expectations of their customers,” said Carlos Morales, Cloud and M2M director at Telefónica Digital.

“This can all be done with significant cost savings as customers only pay for the type of cloud services they require and the time they use them for. This offering completes our portfolio of services to meet our business customer needs,” he said.

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