Things to bear in mind when choosing a VPN

There are many ways that one can achieve a private online presence but by far, one of the effects is by having a VPN installed and active on your computer, mobile, or tablet device. With many on the market, all at different price points and with different features, it can be difficult knowing which one to choose, or what features are important. That is where reviews come in

That is where reviews come in handy seeing first-hand the positives, negatives, and an accurate description of the various features is integral to making a well-judged decision. This Express VPN review is a perfect example of all the information that you would ever need to know before making a decision, and it is also a fantastic example of a great, all singing, all dancing VPN service.

So, what should you look out for when choosing the perfect VPN service? If you are just a regular user- a bit of surfing, a bit of streaming, a few downloads, and keeping up with the latest Game of Thrones, then we have helpfully outlined a few key considerations you should bear in mind before pressing “buy”.

1. Price

When it comes down to it, the price is often the factor that makes us buy or not. When we talk about VPNs however, you really do get what you pay for. Be wary of sites that offer a service for free, as running a VPN service is a costly affair and the chances are if someone is offering it for free, there will be a hidden catch.

Quite often this is that the provider will share, or sell your information with unauthorised third parties, therefore completely erasing the point of having a VPN in the first place!

2. Type of encryption

There are several types of encryption available, but be aware that not all of them are as good as each other and they can have drastic implications on the effectiveness of your privacy. Ideally, steer clear of anything with PPTP as it is considered compromised and therefore not secure enough for even basic usage.

3. Points of access

You need to think whether you just want to connect one device to the VPN or whether you have multiple computers, tablets, or mobiles in your household that you all want to benefit from the service

4. Nodes

When choosing a provider, you need to look for one that offers a lot of what is known as a “node”. A node, and in particular an exit node is the server that you will essentially “piggyback” onto.

This server can be sat in any country and when you log onto it and then surf the net, it will appear that you are using the net from that country. Some providers have lots of nodes, some have few- depending on what you are using VPN for, it is usually wise to go for one with a lot of nodes across all the main continents!

There are just a couple of things you should consider, or at least decide on beforehand prior to shopping. For everything else, there are lots of great reviews out there for you look over and get yourself in the know before you part with your cash!

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