‘More than a third’ of tech talent willing to leave UK post-Brexit

The number of candidates willing to relocate out of the UK pre-Brexit was 17% (as of June 2016), but that figure has now more than doubled to 37% since the triggering of Article 50 in March this year.

Supporting research by Snap.hr also revealed that 82% of candidates feel that leaving the EU will have a negative impact on the UK tech scene, with ‘the talent pool’, ‘investment’ and ‘diversity’ cited as key areas that are likely to suffer as a result.

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Furthermore, over half of those surveyed (58%) felt that Brexit could pose challenges to their own career progression, and over three quarters (78%) were concerned about how it would impact on friends and colleagues also working in the UK tech sector.

For tech talent willing to relocate post-Brexit, the top European locations they would move to for work are:

• Amsterdam (9.7%)
• Berlin (8.7%)
• Stockholm (8.7%)
• Barcelona (7.5%)

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• Dublin (6.5%)
• Lisbon (6.5%)
• Paris (6.5%)
• Madrid (6.1%)

Raoul Tawadey, Co-founder and CEO of Snap.hr said that “Our data gives a strong indication that the UK could be on the verge of a talent exodus, with many tech workers considering continuing their careers elsewhere.”

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“Europe offers many attractive career prospects for those working in technology, with established hubs such as Berlin and newer havens like Lisbon, so it’s no surprise that top tech talent is tempted to relocate.”


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