Tricentis and QASymphony merge for DevOps innovation

The combined of Tricentis and QASymphony and the resulting solution represents a modern platform for transforming software testing to keep pace with digital transformation.

“Tricentis and QASymphony are both recognized for their innovative testing solutions,” said Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis. “Tricentis is known for helping enterprises transform testing from a burdensome manual process that delays software delivery into an automated, continuous process that drives ‘quality at speed.’ The addition of QASymphony’s test management solution strengthens our leadership position and builds on our momentum replacing legacy testing tools.”

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QASymphony’s 100+ employees will be joining Tricentis’ 450+ employees. Sandeep Johri will lead the organisation as CEO, with Dave Keil assuming the role of COO. The combined company will have a global presence with offices in the US, EMEA and Asia.

The integration will reflect the commitment to innovation and customer success that both companies share. Tricentis CEO Sandeep Johri will provide an overview in a webinar. Additionally, the company will be showcasing the roadmap and solution at Accelerate 2018 in Vienna.

Pressure on DevOps delivery

“Today’s CIOs are responsible for ramping up innovation through accelerated software delivery,” explained Barry Libenson, Global Chief Information Officer at Experian. “Amid this demand for rapid innovation, CIOs are recognising that software testing often delays their digital transformation goals. In fact, testing is now commonly cited as the #1 bottleneck to delivery speed. When testing lags behind development, the organisation is forced to delay their innovation and that’s no longer an option. It’s inevitable that software testing must be transformed to keep pace with Agile development and DevOps.”

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“Global 2000 organisations remain locked into legacy testing platforms that were designed decades ago to enable manual testing processes,” said Dave Keil, CEO of QASymphony.

“Scaled agile and enterprise DevOps initiatives have changed the game. Yet, legacy testing technologies such as those by HPE (now Micro Focus) and CA are throttling speed and innovation. QASymphony has experienced triple-digit growth over the past year—allowing us to aggressively invest in our technology, infrastructure and people to meet the emerging needs of our customers.”

DevOps impact

The market for software testing (recently estimated at $34 billion) has reached an inflection point. DevOps adoption is rising rapidly, and both Gartner and Forrester report that transforming testing is a primary factor for DevOps success. Yet, software remains a predominantly manual activity that delays releases and consumes 30-40% of an organisation’s application budget.

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Gartner’s Joachim Herschmann and Thomas Murphy report: “As DevOps principles gain significant traction in enterprises, testing and QA is no longer a stage in delivery but an integral DevOps activity that exists in various forms through all areas. Automation has become an indispensable element in these efforts, and there has been renewed focus on software test automation tools as part of a larger toolchain that enables DevOps.”

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