UKCloud first tech firm to receive Social Value Quality Mark in the UK

Having worked to recognise the importance of social value, as reflected in a recently agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), UKCloud needed to evidence positive impact across a number of measures, including reducing carbon footprint and investing in wellbeing of staff.

Ethical decision-making and supply chain practices are also assessed, and an independently verified external audit needed to be successfully completed.

As a mandatory requirement for central government contracts from January 2021, companies looking to earn government work must demonstrate how they will meet social value priorities, with social value making up a minimum of 10% of the overall score of assessments.

As well as being awarded the Social Value Quality Mark Level 1, and already being on its way to gain the Level 2 award, UKCloud also recently achieved the MOD Silver Award for its commitment to building digital skills.

The company has demonstrated further commitment through the establishment of the following pledges:

  • to transform public services through impact driven technology solutions which positively benefit society and the economy;
  • to drive an inclusive agenda for digital skills through its early career programme and open community education;
  • to grow the national and local economies through responsible tax practices, its partner ecosystem and supply chains;
  • to help protect the planet for future generations through its carbon negative program.

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“At UKCloud, our passion is to do the right thing by citizens and taxpayers and we have always recognised the importance of Social Value to the UK economy,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud.

“This Social Value Quality Mark provides clear and independent evidence of our commitment to be a leader in the UK tech industry.

“The Quality Mark makes it easier for public sector organisations to meet their obligation to evaluate Social Value of the services they consume which will support the technology-led recovery of the UK economy post-Covid and post-Brexit.”

Richard Dickins, managing director of Social Value Business, and Founder of the Quality Mark, commented: “This award recognises UKCloud’s outstanding commitment to independently measure and report the value they deliver for society.

“As the first tech firm to receive the award, they’ve taken steps to define what it means for them, their services and their culture.

“We are delighted to remain their social value partner as they move through up through the levels and set the standard for others to follow.”

This news comes following criticism of practices from MPs towards the Bank of England, with claims that the institution has been financing carbon-intensive firms.

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