Utilising Skype for Business

Skype is everywhere and used in all walks of life, at home and in work. Whether you’re having a one on one chat with your friend or conducting a small meeting with colleagues.

It’s very adaptable to your needs and because its interconnected with all Microsoft software, it’s easy to use. When Microsoft introduced Skype for Business in 2015, it enabled businesses and employees to conduct meetings on a much larger scale. Even allowing up to 250 people to connect together in an online meeting, vastly increasing the number available on Skype in the past.

Fully utilising Skype for Business is what will enable your business to meet maximum efficiency. Viju, who recently ran sessions on this very topic in London and Scotland, explore ways in which you can do this.

Meeting issues

Let’s take a look at existing problems you may face while attempting to host a meeting of several employees.

Collaboration is vital in any meeting so that it doesn’t turn into a one way lecture, people need the avenue to share their thoughts and ideas. This is often a problem of video conferencing that doesn’t have white boarding and sharing naturally built in.

Without the space to share their work, then the meeting can’t move forward with any real meaning. Physical limitation is often a factor, using the base skype software only allows for up to a few people in the call at once.

Anymore people that want to join in have to be physically in the room and have a smaller voice because of it. If your business is rapidly growing, you need conferencing that enables you to facilitate everybody.

Skype Room Systems

With the Skype Room Systems, utilising Skype for Business, it becomes possible to connect hundreds of people within your business and share documents seamlessly. A huge advantage that staple meetings where physical restraints hamper the efficiency of your company.

Offering a number of options for a wide range of businesses partnering with Logitech, Creston and Polycom. From smaller, more affordable options, Logitech offer the Smartdock, for productive meetings using the Skype for Business interface. To Creston’s Microsoft Surface Dock delivering a powerful meeting room experience integrating Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Using these options depending on your business needs allows for faster and bigger growth of you and your employees.

Surface hub

With Skype Room Systems, it’s been built up to compliment Microsoft Surface Hub with every step. Providing all of your scheduled meetings in one tap right next to the ability to seamlessly whiteboard with all participants.

Connecting everyone in one touch is what will improve your working environment exponentially. Since the majority of computers and devices in businesses use Windows apart from very specific industries, the surface hub is a natural choice.

Connecting your Windows 10 apps and Office documents to your white boarding or meetings, all while saving via it’s Inkback feature. Any changes made via the Surface Hub while discussing with your colleagues will be automatically saved back to the original document.

These features save time and money and let you focus on more important matters than the logistics required to host paper meetings.

To summarise, expanding your meeting technologies is a must if you’re looking to expand your company and increase profits. The seamless connection between hundreds of people and multiple devices is an advantage you need on your side.

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