Welcome to the dream doghouse: Samsung unveils £20K kennel for tech-savvy pooches


Samsung has provided a tantalising glimpse of the future for tech-savvy pooches by unveiling an architect-designed ‘dream doghouse’ which represents the ultimate in canine luxury.

The kennel took a team of 12 designers and fabricators two weeks to design and over four weeks to construct and was commissioned to celebrate Samsung’s sponsorship of the world’s largest dog show, Crufts 2015. The futuristic structure was inspired by the growing trend to merge technology and pet care.

The Samsung Dream Doghouse will be on display at the Samsung stand at this year’s Crufts, which runs from Thursday 5th March at the NEC in Birmingham.

The proto-type indoor kennel consists of two areas – one for rest and relaxation and one for dining and entertainment – as well as an outside astro-turfed leisure area. 

Samsung’s research of 1,500 dog owners found that 64% believe their dogs would benefit from more technology and gadgets, with a quarter (24%) admitting they would like their dog to have treadmill, 24% a TV or tablet.

A further 18% said that they would like their dog to have a hot tub or spa, while 22% found the idea of a dog-operated feeder the most appealing. Utilising these findings, the Samsung Dream Doghouse is split between a back kennel and front kennel.

The front kennel includes a fully padded sleeping area in gun-metal grey fabric with dog-proof leather button detailing; luxurious bone design pillows; a brand new wall-mounted Samsung Tab S; and a push-to-woof call bell in order to summon the attention of their owner

Meanwhile, the front kennel boasts modern design sky light, which doubles up as ceiling access for those athletic types, and a dog-operated snack dispenser so your pup will never be in want of a treat again. It is even decorated with framed portraits of friends and pooch pin-ups, including a dog’s ultimate pin-up: the Best in Show winner of Crufts 2014.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this pup pleasure dome has even more to offer the discerning hound, with an in-built doggy treadmill to keep them trim, as well as a hot-tub spa for some well-earned rest and relaxation after a long day of tail wagging.

The study showed that this high-tech lifestyle may not be so far off, with a quarter (24%) of owners admitting to having made a social media profile for their dog. And if updates aren’t being shared on a tailor-made pet-profile, then they will be on their owners’ own social media pages, with research showing nearly half of dog owners regularly post pictures of their dogs online.

A further four in ten (40%) owners have left the TV on whilst they are out of the house to keep their dog company, whilst a quarter (26%) use the TV to block out noises that may scare their precious pup, such as thunder or fireworks. Some owners even go so far as to video call their dogs when they’re away, with 14% admitting to having done this, while 31% admit they like to curl up in front of a movie with their favourite pooch.

 “With the Samsung Dream Doghouse, we wanted to reflect the nation’s growing trend for using technology,” said Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland. “From dogs who have social media profiles to owners who use video calling to check on their pet while away, technology is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.

“The Samsung Dream Doghouse looks sleek and modern, featuring the kind of tech the discerning dog of the future will need.”

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