Information Age in association with Alsid invites you to join the virtual summit entitled ‘What Does An Active Directory Attack Look Like and How To Prevent It’. Register to watch the webinar on-demand. The event was held on 25 March 2021.

If you want to kill someone, the easiest way is to attack the heart. When cyber-criminals want to unleash a fatal attack on your organisation, they go for the Active Directory!

During the webinar, we will demonstrate how attackers are using Active Directory misconfigurations to spread ransomware inside the organisation, and ultimately take control of your data. We will expose the most common techniques attackers use to infect the first PC, catch credentials, move laterally to other machines, and take control of Active Directory.

The session will focus on actual demonstration, not just a boring slide deck – you will learn first hand about primo-infection, lateral movement, and privilege escalation. We will reveal the main counter strikes and what accurate defense mechanisms are efficient to deploy inside your organisation.

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