Why you should try out e-reader apps

Online stores allow avid readers to discover new and exciting authors, and give them access to the widest range of books ever available.

You may have a dedicated e-reader, but have you tried out reading apps? They’re usually free, easy to use, and widespread, so there’s probably an e-reader app out there somewhere for you.

Need convincing? Here are ten benefits of e-reader apps.

1. Apps are easy to download

If you’ve not used apps before, they’re really simple to use. Find your app store (Apple App Store if you use an iPad or iPhone, Google Play if you use Android), and search for an ‘eReader’. Then, pick one from the list and hit ‘download’.

2. Fit thousands of books in your pocket

Never be without reading material again. If you finish a book while out and about, you can be reading a new title in a matter of minutes.

3. Free books

Many apps offer a range of free books, written by new and emerging authors. If you’re looking for a new read that no one else has heard of, this may be a feature you’d like to take advantage of. After all, wouldn’t you like to say you’d read the next J.K. Rowling’s work before anybody else?

4. There’s a huge selection of books available

If you’ve taken a look at e-book stores online, you can see that there are thousands of titles available at the touch of a button. An e-reader app allows you to buy titles with a couple of taps of your finger, and then begin reading them right away on the same device.

5. Your books are always with you

You may not always have your e-reader on you, but it’s likely that you have a smartphone or tablet with you wherever you go. No matter where you are and what you’re doing, you can pick up your book and continue reading. J Count also points out that by being able to use multiple devices, you’re not limiting yourself to the memory of just one device.

6. Apps are perfect for single device users

The problem with new technology is that it leads to our pockets and bags being filled to bursting with devices. With smartphones, mp3 players, tablets and e-readers, there’s hardly room for anything else. If you’re looking to pare down your collection, using an e-reader app may be the way to go.

7. Everything’s adjustable

The joy of using e-readers and e-reader apps is that everything can be adjusted to your own needs. Android Central looks over the Nook eBook reader app and shows that it’s easy to change settings such as brightness, font size and colour to help you read from your device. You can even make notes and highlight passages, making e-reader apps a must-have for anyone reading for research.

8. Progress can be saved across devices

Nothing’s more frustrating than wanting to get stuck back into the latest blockbuster novel, but not being able to use your e-reader. Maybe it’s at home, or the battery’s died. Either way, it’s annoying. When using an e-reader app, your progress is saved across all devices. This means that no matter which device you have to hand, you can continue on enjoying your book.

9. Take advantage of special offers

Using your app, you can keep track of any sales or special offers that are happening. You can check them out, then if you want to take advantage of the offer, you can download and start reading the book in seconds.

10. Discover and download books on the fly

EBook Friendly describes several ways in which you can discover new authors and titles that you may never have heard of before. You can often discover them directly through the app, but there are also many RSS feeds that provide reading inspiration.

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you can look for new reads by searching the hashtags, such as #ebooks. These methods have download links directly embedded in them, which will let you download the title directly through your app.

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While e-books are fantastic, they’re not the only thing available through e-reader apps. If you’re looking for something to help you while away the morning commute, try downloading some audiobooks to help you catch up on the latest releases. There’s also some apps that offer games, magazines and video, so you can watch your favorite shows on the move.

Apps are a more versatile and mobile way of reading your favourite titles on your preferred device. You can create a tailored, customised reading experience for yourself for a fraction of the cost of an e-reader. Why not try them out for yourself?

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