WiMax gets US-wide boost

Two wireless companies, Clearwire and Sprint Nextel are teaming up to deploy a US-wide WiMax network, providing a major boost to the technology’s chances of gaining acceptance.

The two companies will offer a roaming WiMax service to up to 100 million customers by the end of 2008, making it a significant testing ground for the technology.

WiMax provides high-speed wireless connectivity over large distances and offers an alternative to other wireless broadband technologies such as 3G. WimAx’s chief supporter, Intel, believes that eventually it will be incorporated into processors running in all manner of devices, such as laptops, much in the same way as happened with WiFi.

Nevertheless, many mobile operators, having invested billions in developing 3G technology have been dismissive of WiMax. To date, it has yet to undergo wide-scale testing. The Clearwire-Sprint deal will change that.

Henry Catchpole

Henry Catchpole runs Inform Direct, a company records management software company which simplifies the process of dealing with Companies House. The business was set up in 2013.

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