5 reasons why every internet user needs a VPN

It wasn’t until later when Tor became a target of the NSA and other surveillance agencies. Vulnerabilities in Tor network were discovered and were used by governments and hacking agencies alike. It’s also no secret that Tor was often funded by the US government in several instances, which is definitely fishy.

Another problem with Tor is that it’s unfit for online streaming. Its encryption process slows down the streaming speed. And you have absolutely no control over the nodes being used to transport your traffic on the web.

This means you can’t connect to nodes from specific countries to access geo-blocked or censored websites and streaming channels.

The innovation of online security and freedom!

While the vulnerabilities in Tor were being exposed, another better medium for online security and freedom was being discovered by millions around the world. This latest technology not only offered complete online security, anonymity, and freedom, but it also offered more control.

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN as it is usually referred to, became the preferred privacy solution for many, and for all the right reasons, including enhancing online security and offering enough speed for fans of streaming.

There are many reasons for anyone to consider using a VPN. Below are 5 compelling reasons to consider VPN as a daily tool for internet usage.

5 reasons to consider a VPN

Unblock your favorite websites!

It’s no secret that the best streaming services are geo-blocked in most locations around the globe. Because the rights for much of the content are already sold to multi-media companies operating abroad, the content is therefore kept restricted in most countries.

To bypass these restrictions, a person will have to change his IP address from his own location to the one where the content is available. This can easily be done by connecting with VPN servers in these exact locations.

A VPN can help in this case as it has servers spread around the globe in hundreds of countries. If you want to access a channel which is only available inside the US, you can easily do so by connecting to a VPN with servers in the US.

High-speed streaming

Unlike Tor which remains encrypted at all times, slowing down the internet speed, a VPN can easily be tinkered with via its client app to suit your desired needs. You can choose between high security and better speed by changing your internet protocol or simply use a VPN to unblock streaming services.

Users can also avoid ISP speed throttling via a VPN. Because the internet traffic remains hidden from the ISP, it cannot keep tabs on what a user is doing online. Therefore, it doesn’t slow down the internet speed of the user, allowing him to stream at the best possible speeds.

Remain 100% secure and anonymous on the internet

The best VPN services offer the best encryption standards to its users. Major VPN brands, which include PureVPN and Ivacy, allow users to encrypt their online traffic with AES-256 bit military-grade encryption, which is impossible to crack even by the most prominent and well-funded surveillance agencies.

Other than that, users normally use shaded IP addresses while using a VPN. Because these IPs are in use by hundreds of people every day, no surveillance agency can pin-point any particular person’s user-activity on the web.

This means that you virtually disappear between a crowd of internet users connected with that particular server and IP address.

It’s the perfect tool for travelers

We all have traveled at least once in our lifetime. Our experiences may have been mixed about the journey but if there’s one thing we can all agree on is that we’ve faced at least one hurdle while using the internet.

The worse part of traveling is the lack of safe internet connectivity. Frequent internet users survive only by using free Wi-Fi networks available in hotel rooms or cafes in the locale. Most people aren’t aware that these free services are extremely dangerous for internet users.

You never know when a hacker or a cybercriminal hacks into a free Wi-Fi network and goes on to exploit the connected devices. They can also spread malware via these networks, which can either lock your device or access your precious data. These threats can be minimized considerably by using the best VPN for traveling.

The best tool for businesses

Whether you require dedicated IPs, or you want to secure your staff’s online activities, a VPN is the best tool to invest in. Using a VPN, an organisation can unlock hundreds of hidden opportunities on the internet. Because a large part of the internet is inaccessible in different parts of the world, these huge chunks can be unblocked via a VPN.

A Business VPN also ensures remote server access from anywhere in the globe via dedicated IPs, which remain exclusive to the subscribed person/organization.

The following are some features available via a VPN which can empower your business to grow and reach newer heights:

  • Complete Team Management
  • Secure Private IPs
  • Reliable Private Servers
  • Dedicated IP
  • AES 256-Bit encryption
  • Advanced security features (antivirus, content filtering, URL filtering, etc.)
  • DDoS protection

In a nutshell…

A VPN is the best tool for all internet users. Not only does it grant you the security that you need, but you also get to enjoy the best entertainment on the internet.

While there are dozens of VPN services you can subscribe to, not all are fit for your internet needs. So make sure to choose wisely before you subscribe to the best VPN service on the internet.

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