Data Analytics & Data Science

Observability – everything you need to know

Morgan Mclean, Director of Product Management at cybersecurity leader, Splunk, tells Information Age about all things observability


Building smart futures with digitalised building solutions

Smart building technology powered by IoT and digitalisation capabilities is playing a key role in facilitating smarter futures in the property space

Business & Strategy

CCI Kenya: why more companies are turning towards the BPO sector in East Africa

CCI Kenya discusses why BPO (business process outsourcing) is a proven strategy to cost-effective international expansion

AI & Machine Learning

Calling all data and technology specialists: The water sector needs you!

Cloud & Edge Computing

How to make progress on managing unstructured data

Long-time Forrester analyst and Elastic CIO discuss strategies for realising value from data with search-powered technology

Data Analytics & Data Science

Customer experience and trust rely on building IT systems that scale

Maintaining strong customer experience and trust in IT systems calls for scaling capabilities that can maximise the value of insights

Legislation & Regulation

Understanding e-signatures: the key differences and requirements

Disruptive Innovation

How RegTech helps financial services providers overcome regulation challenges

Business & Strategy

The three pillars of hybrid working

Data Analytics & Data Science

Driving value from data lake and warehouse modernisation

Business & Strategy

Going from start-up to market leader with people-first business transformation

Cloud & Edge Computing

API management for zero trust endpoint protection