60% of UK SMEs taking advantage of outsourced IT infrastructure

New research has shown that 60% of UK SMEs have partly or fully outsourced their IT infrastructure; with over 31,000 SMEs in the UK, this means that there are now more than 18,600 businesses that have moved some part of their IT provision off premises.

The findings, detailed in a new report from data centre and communications specialist Node4, also highlight that 1 in 10 SMEs have already deployed a fully cloud-based IT infrastructure. This means that over 300,000 employees in the UK are already experiencing the full flexibility and efficiency benefits of cloud-based IT solutions.

The new report, 'Facing up to the IT infrastructure challenge', shows how UK SMEs are increasingly confident in their ability to adopt the latest technologies and to take advantage of advanced flexible IT services to deliver real business growth.

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The report analyses the attitudes and views of IT decision makers at UK SMEs and provides expert advice from Node4’s experienced team on how SMEs can continue to take full advantage of the latest IT technology.

Increasingly companies see technology and IT as a business enabler, something that their organisations can’t do without. But along with the growing importance of technology has come the almost overwhelming array of choices when it comes to IT infrastructure provision; cloud computing, IP-based technologies and virtualisation are just a few options available today.

Paul Bryce, Business Development Director, Node4, commented: 'Many studies continue to claim SMEs are struggling to adapt to this new landscape and are at risk of being left behind. However, we firmly believe there is much greater recognition of the value that IT can deliver to businesses amongst SMEs today – and the apprehension that surrounded outsourcing has largely dissipated.

'IT has gone from being a static cost-centre to a dynamic business enabler that must support the organisation at every stage of the sales cycle, empowering the business to grow and succeed. Our research and analysis has borne this feeling out and our report demonstrates how savvy SMEs are able to proactively embrace the latest technologies and meet and exceed the demands of the business and employees.'

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Drawing on a detailed survey of 250 IT strategy business decision makers in businesses of between 50-500 employees, Node4's new report combines analysis and recommendations for SMEs to deploy IT solutions that help them to win more business, beat the competition and prosper in the growing economy. 

'SMEs are not ‘making do’ with out of date infrastructure,' added Bruce.

'In fact in our experience most organisations have recognised the need to evolve their technology infrastructure to meet the needs of its users and succeed in today’s competitive environment. Many businesses are worried about this transition but they realise that if they don’t keep pace, they will fall behind and miss the opportunity to capitalise on the renewed economic growth.

'Our report today will hopefully help more SMEs recognise where they can do more and how partners like Node4 can help them achieve the success they want.'

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