Accenture helps United Utilities deploy a workforce management solution

The two companies collaborated to deliver improvements to customer service for United Utilities‘ customers.

Accenture‘s help is predicted to see through a return on investment (ROI) within six months and save United Utilities £110 million over five years.

The Salesforce platform that will be used, Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning, is allowing United Utilities to support multiple contract partners and manage their data.

“We are delighted to work with United Utilities on this project, which should enable them to resolve network faults more quickly and better communicate with customers, while also delivering substantial cost savings, which the company can pass on to customers”, said Gavin Moore, managing director at Accenture. “By applying leading-edge technology to its network maintenance challenges, United Utilities will be able to enhance customer service, transform its business and use this deployment as a platform for future growth.”

Musidora Jorgensen, regional vice president, utilities at Salesforce UK, added: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is enabling huge change within the U.K. utilities sector, and United Utilities is adapting to anticipate their customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

“Salesforce is delighted to be part of this journey with them, equipping United Utilities with the tools they need to reach customers across multiple channels, smartly prioritise tasks to address urgent cases and view customer profiles that enable them to build deeper relationships with customers.”

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Accenture were responsible for evaluating and choosing the right solution for the water and wastewater service provider and creating a roadmap for digital transformation, as well as implementing the chosen solution and managing migration of customer records.

The new solution will manage and optimise customer engagement in relation to maintaining its 120,000 km-long water and wastewater network around the north-west of England.

This will include the raising of work, real-time work tracking capabilities via mobile devices and work schedule optimisation.

“This new solution we have delivered in partnership with Accenture provides a step change in how we serve customers in the North West,” said Simon Chadwick, United Utilities’ director of digital services and central operations. “To have achieved all of this in under 12 months, working with a variety of teams and partners, is truly remarkable.”

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