Salesforce and Google expand partnership to drive GenAI productivity

The partnership extension between Salesforce and Google will see CRM and Google Workspace capabilities brought together, as GenAI demand continues to surge

Through the combination of Salesforce and Google Workspace productivity tools, business customers will be able to leverage fuller context from data generated over Google Calendar, Docs, Gmail and Meet among other programs, as announced at Dreamforce.

Users will be able to work across platforms through Salesforce and Google Workspace’s generative AI assistants, Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot, and Duet AI in Google Workspace.

Salesforce account, contact, and opportunity data can be accessed to generate customised documents and presentations.

Meanwhile, Google Meet summaries and metadata from Gmail and Google Calendar can be brought into Salesforce to update records and trigger workflows, such as saving signed contracts to Salesforce, and closing deals with reports generated in Docs.

With a reported 77 per cent of senior IT leaders trusting generative AI to aid acceleration of customer service, and 64 per cent of firms expecting AI to increase staff productivity, the announcement shows intent of meeting continuously surging demand for the technology.

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“Our partnership with Google empowers organisations to unlock the full potential of AI and data, grounded in trust,” said David Schmaier, president and chief product officer at Salesforce.

“This deep integration between Salesforce and Google Workspace, where many users spend much of their day, helps save time and effort, unlocks far greater value and deeper insights from their data, and will fundamentally change how people work.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud — who appeared at Dreamforce to discuss the extended partnership — commented: “Our partnership with Salesforce is an example of why an open and extensible ecosystem for generative AI will create the most value for customers.

“Together, Salesforce and Google Workspace will empower organisations to redefine how work is accomplished with generative AI, help foster innovation and productivity at scale, and make common tasks more efficient and purposeful.

“All work has been about simplifying technology. With BigQuery, if people are using Salesforce for segmentation, and also Google for advertising, could we make it easy to combine all these calculations?

“[It’s all about] how we can make AI have more understanding of industry-specific actions.”

Salesforce also launched its Einstein 1 data platform at the Dreamforce conference this past week, which will underpin the new AI and CRM capabilities.


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