Achieve high levels of process automation using innovative data capture services


Automated data capture services are a prime example of how companies can quickly reduce their overheads. Documents can be scanned with data captured, validated and classified on arrival using the latest intelligent software.

Most businesses are faced with paperwork and manual data processing on a daily basis.  If not managed correctly, processing costs can quickly spiral.  Mistakes and inconsistencies can also occur, due to manual data entry errors.

Departments throughout your business rely on accurate information being delivered quickly to operate efficiently. Think about how many staff it takes to process your incoming paperwork, such as invoices, claim forms and other business documentation.

Time spent on manual paper based processes such as scanning, manual data entry, validation and approvals could be better utilised on core business activities, enabling your staff to spend more time on profitable tasks.

Documents requiring large amounts of manual data entry can take time to process. Automatically capturing information from paperwork using the latest scanning and intelligent data capture software can improve processing times and feed important data back into your business quickly.

Human error is natural especially when manually entering large amounts of data on a daily basis. Outsourced data capture services can improve data accuracy levels using a wide range of data validation techniques, including double blind data entry. This method enables two operators to enter the data. The software will pick up any discrepancies between the two enabling errors to be validated and corrected.

Data can be checked against existing systems and for addresses and postcodes royal mail databases.

Meanwhile, customer service and supplier relationships can be improved by automatically capturing your data on arrival and utilising workflow to deliver information to the right person in your business.

Outsourced data capture services can provide your business with a competitive advantage, as quicker access to data means you can analyse, report and plan for future marketing campaigns.

Determining which documents to outsource may pose a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about those in need of large amounts of manual processing, or try Cleardata’s online data entry calculator to estimate your costs.


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