Men’s fashion retailer sees 44% lift from AI-based personalisation

The fashion retailer, Woodhouse Clothing, implemented Nosto’s AI-based personalisation technology to use advanced AI machine learning algorithms and other statistical techniques to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant shopping experiences to its online visitors in real-time. The conversion rate on the fashion website, where around two thirds of visits are from mobile, has risen 44%. Abandoned shopping carts are also down by 3%.

The AI-based personalisation engine uses big data to build a deep understanding of an online retailer’s store and every visitor interacting with it, allowing it to use machine learning to predict and automatically deliver the most relevant content to those visitors. It helps to maximise e-commerce conversions, average order value and customer retention.

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Machine learning can help brands develop more personalised conversations with their customers, says Mariángeles Noseda,from intive-FDV

Woodhouse, which sells fashion from over 50 leading brands including BOSS, Armani and McQ, is able to automatically display real-time personalised product recommendations and onsite pop-up messages based on visitors’ onsite browsing behaviour. It is also now able to deliver personalised email campaigns using Nosto’s platform.

The AI-based peronalisation engine achieves by analysing data it collects about which items are commonly bought or browsed together. Nosto’s platform helps Woodhouse enhance the shopping experience on product pages by automatically displaying the most relevant cross-selling recommendations. Individual visitors are recognised and presented with recommendations personalised to their brand, style and product preferences, while those who are completely new to the site are presented with recommendations based on real-time bestsellers.

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Personalised recommendations have also been added to the shopping cart page to remind shoppers of items that had previously sparked their interest but were not added to the cart.

Woodhouse is also using Nosto to personalise its email campaigns to increase sales and customer loyalty. For example shoppers with abandoned shopping carts or browsing sessions are automatically retargeted with emails showing them products they had left in their cart or shown an interest in before leaving the site. This has helped to trigger an increase in email click through and conversion rate.

Transactional emails have received the AI-based personalisation treatment by adding order related recommendations that suggest ‘complete-the-look’ follow-up purchases.

Sophie McFegan, Woodhouse Visual Merchandiser explained: “We understand that all of our customers are different and unique — and we needed a way to personalise their experience by presenting the most relevant brands, products and messages to each individual.   Nosto has allowed us to really dive into the personal approach of online shopping, creating unique offers and recommendations tailored specifically to our customers.”

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