.Michael Baxter is a tech, economic and investment journalist. He has written four books, including iDisrupted and Living in the age of the jerk. He is the editor of Techopian.com and the host of the ESG Show.

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging sustainable technologies – expert predictions


How to ensure 5G wireless network security

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging technologies: are they set to transform business?

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Emerging medical technologies in healthcare

Emerging Technology & Innovation

New emerging technologies to watch out for

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Biggest benefits of immersive technology for businesses


5G technology disruption – 4 sectors ripe for disruption

AI & Machine Learning

5G and AI use cases – how 5G lifts artificial intelligence

Governance, Risk and Compliance

How the regulation of big tech can affect your business


Key events in the story of technology 

The former editor of Information Age, Michael Baxter draws upon material from his new book to discuss key events in the story of technology.

Data Protection & Privacy

IoT and privacy, IoT and data insights: four considerations

Automation & Robotics

Fractals and data ingestion are AntWorks’ secret weapon in scaling RPA, says Asheesh Mehra