AI recruitment tool launched to help companies make better use of ‘Google for Jobs’

When a Manchester based marketing agency called I-COM surveyed the websites of the top 100 UK recruitment consultancies, it discovered a potential problem. ‘Google for Jobs’ was just a few months away from its UK launch, yet I-COM found that just 47 of the websites’s had an implementation of “the required ‘Schema’ formatting that Google uses to interpret web-page information for its user personalised services.”

That in part, is the challenge. As Jobiak, a company founded by recruitment industry veteran, Venkat Janapareddy, says: “The process for posting jobs to ‘Google for Jobs’ requires deep coding expertise and access to the page code for every job post.”

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‘Google for Jobs’ was launched into the US in June 2017, and the UK just over a year later. It threatens to shake-up the recruitment advertising industry. Not only does it aggregate job ads from platforms such as LinkedIn, not only does it apply machine learning, to throw up more relevant search results for job hunters, it also enables recruiters to go direct.

But until up to now, this AI recruitment tool has largely been used by the recruitment agencies. As Janapareddy said: “Our research of more than one million job posts shows that less than 20% of the jobs posted on Google for Jobs currently come from companies directly.”

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The AI recruitment tool?

But now a fix may have emerged. Jobiak has announced the launch of an AI recruitment based platform for recruiters and talent acquisition teams to directly publish their jobs to ‘Google for Jobs’. It says that “in just three steps, users are able to directly access candidates on ‘Google for Jobs’, accelerating candidate flow and reducing the cost and time to hire.”

Jobiak’s platform applies machine learning to scan job posts. It then identifies the attributes that Google requires, and then structures the Google tags, removing most of the coding challenge from recruiters.

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Janapareddy said: “With ‘Google for Jobs’, Google has completely rewritten the rules for how job postings appear in Google Search, and the days of simply using good SEO to have your job postings rank highly in search are over.

“Some 73% of all job seekers start their job search on Google, and companies are slowly realising that they are missing a massive opportunity to engage directly with highly qualified candidates.”

The Jobiak platform is available both in free and paid versions, with subscriptions starting at $15/month.

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