Analytics: changing the face of airplane travel

It can be one of the most stressful parts of a vacation or any kind of long trip: booking the flight. There may be people who can afford to be flippant about the fluctuations of price flights because their bank accounts are overstuffed.

But most people have to be careful about making the absolute right choice when it comes to choosing a flight because the costs can spiral out of control if a person isn’t careful and can really do damage to someone’s financial standing.

Luckily, the use of analytics, which has transformed so many aspects of our everyday lives, has started to infiltrate the process of selecting flights. Websites and apps utilise complex algorithms that process oodles of information that no one person could possibly track all at once. The end result is streamlined information that can help the consumer make the best choice when it comes to air travel.

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Once you have a great one-stop location where you can find the best cheap flights with lowest airfare, you’re far ahead of the game. Here are some of the ways that the use of analytics is making it easier for you to get where you want to go without the stress and without the huge hit to your bank account.

Predicting instead of second-guessing

Anyone who has ever booked a flight knows that it’s next to impossible to predict exactly when the best time to do so is. Many people have had the experience where they book a flight one day only to find it much cheaper somewhere else just a few days later. Analytics can now take the guessing out of the process by tracking information about flight prices from all over the world at different points of time.

All of this data is then processed, resulting in a consumer who enters a particular flight into a website or app being told with a fair amount of certainty what the best time to buy will be.

All kinds of data

There are many different sources of predictive analytics. Some are focused simply on the rising and falling prices of different flights over time. Others use the experiences of consumers and go beyond simply finding the lowest price, instead of coming up with the best value those flight-goers can get for their money. No matter how you want to approach your flight purchase, there are resources out there for you to help you narrow down your picks and ease the choosing process.

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No limits

Many people simply want to get away at certain times in their lives, but it can be an overwhelming experience to try and pull together all potential destinations and their various prices.

Luckily one of the latest trends in price flight analytics has been to cater to these people with no set destination. You can simply choose a rough set of guidelines in terms of when you’re leaving and where you might go, and the data help give you the best choice at the best price.

What it all means for the consumer

In the past, finding a flight via the internet could be a baffling and frustrating experience. How could you possibly intake all of the information in front of you and make a coherent choice? This is where analytics come into play and make it easier.

But you still need to do a little research to figure out which of these tools to use, as many of these sites and apps do things a little bit differently and come at the problem from a different angle. So you need to figure out what it is you want out of your air travel before you proceed.

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For example, maybe you’ve already settled on a specific flight and a time and destination from a certain airport. In that case, the best tools for you to use will be the ones that predict when the prices for you will be at their lowest, as everything else is set in stone. Maybe you just have a destination and a rough time frame for when you need to leave.

If that’s your situation, a site that can narrow down the possibilities in terms of different carriers and prices would be your best bet. Or perhaps you just want to jet out somewhere at a moment’s notice without care of your destination. There are specific sites that can give you this information as well.

So don’t stress the next time you have to book a flight. Let the analytics do the work and enjoy the trip.

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