Cloud & Edge Computing

How edge computing can bolster aviation sector innovation


How the tech strategy of IATA’s CIO is aiding pandemic recovery in aviation

Pascal Buchner, CIO of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), spoke to Information Age about his IT transformation strategy.

Transport & Logistics

Air cargo transportation and the technology that underpins it


Airports, blockchain and the seamless passenger journey

It may be a generation before administration is managed by machine and human contact is for assistance, exceptions and courtesy. Blockchain may be the technology that makes it all possible.

Transport & Logistics

Drone reportedly involved in helicopter crash

Investigations have been opened after a helicopter crashed after reportedly swerving to avoid a consumer drone.

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6 ways business intelligence can save the aviation industry

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How technology will change the face of air travel

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Drone enthusiasts invited to immerse themselves into the world of General Aviation

Digital Transformation

The future of aerospace manufacturing is digital

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Drone diverts planes at Gatwick Airport leading to runway closure

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Fuel efficiency software in the aerospace sector