Charles Orton-Jones is a business and tech journalist. He's a former winner of the PPA Business Journalist of the Year Award, and currently edits BusinessAge.com and Forward magazine, a journal devoted to scientific breakthroughs in the quantum, pharma, and materials discovery industries.

AI & Machine Learning

How artificial intelligence is helping to slash fraud at UK banks

Rob Woods, fraud expert at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, tells Charles Orton-Jones why behavioural data and AI are a powerful fraud-fighting combination

Financial Services

Why is embedded insurance so popular right now?

Charles Orton-Jones asks five industry experts how embedded insurance could transform the sector and whether or not it offers real value for consumers


Cutting the cord: Can Air-Gapping protect your data?

Isolating hardware from the internet deters hackers, but at a huge cost. Charles Orton-Jones investigates the tactic of Air-Gapping

Financial Services

How Buy Now Pay Later technology works

Providers such as Klarna and Zilch are worth billions due to their accurate lending decision making. The reason? Artificial intelligence, a hundred or more data sources, and nudge theory. Charles Orton-Jones goes under the bonnet of Buy Now Pay Later

Cloud & Edge Computing

Advantages of a multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud, using more than one hosting provider simultaneously, keeps you nimble when it comes to usage pricing and helps avoid being too indebted to a single vendor

Cloud & Edge Computing

How to get the best price on cloud hosting

Cloud haggling: can you as a small business haggle on your cloud hosting fees? Absolutely. Even if you cannot get the headline cost down, your provider can throw in benefits and extras

AI & Machine Learning

How will artificial intelligence impact UK consumers lives?

Your own personal AI assistant, running your life for you; credit cards which help you with your personal finances, and a coming together of video games and Hollywood blockbusters, are just some ways AI will impact consumers’ lives, say experts

AI & Machine Learning

How to build a career in artificial intelligence

AI is the future of work. But what's the best way to be an artificial intelligence professional? Information Age asked five world-leading experts for their view

Governance, Risk and Compliance

5 ways AI can transform compliance

Compliance is all about rules and AI seems a perfect tool to help overworked compliance officers. We look at use cases for AI when dealing with compliance

Cloud & Edge Computing

What is Web3 decentralized cloud storage?

What is Web3 decentralized cloud storage and what are its advantages over regular cloude storage or keeping files on your computer hard drive?


The promise of Web3: can DeFi dethrone TradFi?