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Legislation & Regulation

EU set to probe Microsoft over bundling Teams with Office

Rival Slack cries foul as Microsoft uses its market dominance to drive out competition. But tangling with EU regulators has cost Microsoft $2bn in recent fines

AI & Machine Learning

Yoshua Bengio – ‘Powerful tech will yield concentration of wealth’

Professor Yoshua Bengio, one of the godfathers of AI, on which sectors will be revolutionized by AI, the need for tighter regulation, and whether AI poses an existential threat

Business Skills

Ashish Gupta – ‘You can’t be an averagely talented programmer’

Ashish Kumar Gupta, head of EMEA for global IT services company HCLTech, believes AI will make truly skilled programmers even more valuable. The key to surviving the AI jobs purge will be to combine your tech skills with another business vertical, he says

Business Skills

Engaging the millennials and managing your staff turnover rate

Artificial intelligence is making some tech roles, such as machine-learning experts and data scientists, even more sought after. Losing your IT staff to rivals and having to recruit is a headache for any CTO. We look at ways to reduce your staff turnover

AI & Machine Learning

AI will actually create more jobs, say employers

More than half of Britain’s businesses believe artificial intelligence will actually create more roles, putting them at odds with doomsayers predicting a widespread jobs bloodbath

Legislation & Regulation

EU/US global AI code of conduct ‘within weeks’

European Union and United States working at speed to publish voluntary code of conduct for companies working in artificial intelligence, ahead of legislation

AI & Machine Learning

AI development needs state control, says pioneer

Yoshua Bengio, one of the three ‘godfathers of AI’, says firms developing artificial intelligence systems need government oversight

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Elizabeth Renieris – ‘Our robot overlords aren’t quite here just yet’

Elizabeth Renieris is a renowned artificial intelligence ethics expert, who believes that Big Tech is being disingenuous when it calls for a global AI super-regulator. Existing laws cover AI, she says, we just need to leverage them

Generative AI

Google revamps search engine to include AI

Website search results to be pushed further down-screen, with AI-generated question-and-answer-style chats at top of page


Flexible working key for 80% of tech employees

Offering flexible working will be key for tech leaders who want to hire the best talent. Nearly 80% say working when and wherever you want plays a big part in deciding their next employer


Is Web3 tech in search of a business model?


Microsoft to stop bundling Teams with Office 365