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IT management

Andrew McAfee – ‘Human beings are chronically overconfident’

Management expert Andrew McAfee has studied how mavericks such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have turned the established way of doing business on its head. And he thinks their way of doing things can transform any business, no matter how established or how small

AI & Machine Learning

Bletchley Park AI summit takeaways

Leading AI companies including Open AI, Google and Meta all sign non-binding agreement to have their technology inspected by government regulators

AI & Machine Learning

UK leads way when it comes to artificial intelligence investment

City of London report finds £3 billion was invested in artificial intelligence in 2022, nearly double France, Germany and rest of Europe combined

Generative AI

Geoffrey Hinton realised mankind was history when AI got the joke

So-called ‘godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton says he realised that humanity had created its own successor when Google’s PaLM explained why a joke was funny

Payments technology

The future of biometric payments

Nearly 90% of consumers are excited about using biometrics, such as fingerprints or facial scans, when paying for things. The consensus is that they’re safer and easier to use than passwords. We go behind the technology of biometric payments

Payments technology

Future of payments technology

Consumers demand speed, convenience and security when it comes to payments, which puts technology in the driving seat

Business Skills

How to become a software engineer

Britain has around two million technology jobs left unfilled, yet even a junior developer can earn £39,000 a year. We explain how a novice can become a software engineer

Generative AI

AI development held back due to shortage of computer chips

British researchers are being hampered because UK does not have enough top-spec computer chips, which are crucial for developing generative AI, says watchdog

AI & Machine Learning

Just 7% of UK startups actively involved with AI

Despite the UK pushing for global leadership in artificial intelligence, the number of startups actually capitalising on or developing AI is sparse

Cloud & Edge Computing

Two-thirds of small businesses plan to cut cloud spending

With cloud costs expected to increase by 10% this year, SMEs plan to cut the amount of data they store in the cloud or slash spending on cloud services

Cloud & Edge Computing

Best UK cloud hosting providers

When it comes to cloud hosting, most companies reach for one of the three public-cloud hyperscalers – AWS, Azure or Google Cloud – who between them control 81% of the market. But independent cloud hosting providers are clawing back market share. When should you go with an independent cloud hosting provider?

AI & Machine Learning

AI could add $500bn to value of SMEs globally

SMEs either creating AI for enterprise organisations or embedding AI in their own businesses will add billions of dollars in value, says boutique tech bank DAI Magister