Business continuity not up to scratch

Only 15% of mid-market organisations have confidence in their business continuity plans, according to research commissioned by security company Activity.

In a survey of 200 medium-sized companies (with between 250 and 999 employees), 81% of respondents said they had “some sort” of continuity plans, but over half of these plans had not been fully tested and 18% had not been tested at all.

Activity consultant Neil O’Connor observes that while UK businesses considered continuity important, their efforts were “hampered by lack of a cohesive approach, piecemeal planning and not actually testing the continuity plan”.

“In addition to safeguarding business operations, business continuity can also help a company review its own practices and enhance its services and operations,” he says.

Meanwhile, the emerging British standard for business continuity, BS 25999, continues to gain impetus as an international standard, with large backers such as IBM hoping to increase supply chain security.

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