Civica innovation partners programme to find new technology SMEs is launched

Civica Group,  has launched Civica Innovation Partners, in association with the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme.

The Civica Innovation Partners is designed to

  • Find innovative UK technology startups,
  • Enhance its portfolio
  • And deliver better services for its customers and the communities they serve.

The Civica Innovation Partners programme is open to UK SMEs with an innovative solution in the area of machine intelligence, including analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and connected devices. These emerging technologies are recognised as being critical for the transformation of public services, and form a key part of the Government’s Transformation Strategy.

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Opportunity for SMEs to reach new markets

Civica is seeking applications from companies with machine intelligence solutions which have been developed for use in any sector; one key goal is to work with technology companies to shift the most innovative technology being used in the private sector over to solving the challenges facing public sector organisations.

Douglas Ibrahim, Head of Strategy at Civica said: “Providing digital solutions and cloud-based applications, we have a mission to use these technologies to deliver better services for our public sector customers and their communities. To enable this, we’re looking to work in partnership with innovative UK SMEs to further develop joint propositions that create compelling value for our customers and support the growth of the UK technology sector.

“The UK is building a leading position in AI, automation and connected devices so we are delighted to launch this programme with TechMarketView to find new partners and help identify the innovative and ground-breaking technologies in the UK tech market.”

Anthony Miller, co-founder and Managing Partner at TechMarketView added: “As a growth business with a leading position in software and digital solutions, Civica has a great deal to offer any UK technology partner and we’re excited to see what new propositions will arise from the scheme. Civica Innovation Partners is a great new addition to our Innovation Partner Programme, which helps our enterprise clients find innovative UK technology SMEs as potential future partners.”

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About Civica

Civica, itself markets business-critical software, digital solutions and managed services for the public sector and regulated markets.  It says that provides cloud software, digital solutions and automation behind every day services “for 100 million people.”

The company has also supported 500 organisations with their digital transformation, and says that it is “well placed to help harness innovative digital and cloud-based technologies to improve business-critical activities.”

The next step for applicants

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their solutions and ideas here. Shortlisted businesses will be invited to pitch their plans to representatives from Civica and TechMarketView at Civica’s London headquarters in March 2019. To be considered, entrants must be the founder or CEO/MD of a privately-held, UK technology company with revenues of less than £10m per annum, with an innovative solution in the area of machine intelligence.

Once selected onto the Civica Innovation Partners scheme, the chosen businesses will have the opportunity to work with Civica’s business development teams to create joint propositions to offer to its extensive public sector customer base. They will also benefit from technical support from Civica’s technology community of over 1,500 people and marketing support for future collaborations.



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