ClickMeeting’s webinar solution free to health organisations hit by Covid-19

Clickmeeting is offering its webinar solution for free to health organisations to improve the remote working experience.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared a global health emergency as the coronavirus has already infected more than 392,000 people all over the world — as such, organisations need remote working tools and an effective webinar solution. Countries are asked to make efforts in limiting the spread of the virus through social distancing. Businesses are forced to implement remote work arrangements. Classes in schools and public events have either been canceled or postponed.

While these efforts can effectively slow down the spread of Covid-19, they can also be quite disruptive to organisations as they cope with new realities. To help healthcare organisations continue to operate while telecommuting to the greatest extent possible, webinar platform ClickMeeting is offering free access to its webinar solution, which includes a video communication and collaboration service.

Using the platform, organisations can conduct online meetings, collaborate with teams, and engage customers and other stakeholders through webinars, remote video meetings and online conferences, as in-person interaction is limited.

Organisations in many verticals are hurting

The coronavirus outbreak is projected to cost companies billions of dollars in losses worldwide. Major businesses such as Microsoft and Apple have warned that they won’t hit their initial projected profits. It’s been estimated that 27% of all companies will sustain significant revenue hits caused by the outbreak and its economic ripples.

Implementing remote work capabilities and an effective webinar solution can be tough. Companies with little to no experience with such arrangements can see a dip in productivity as managers and staff members take time to adjust. Managers can also find it difficult to hold online meetings and coordinate with team members, especially if they don’t have effective tools to host these interactions. Without functioning communication, employees can feel lost and confused, severely compromising their productivity.

Some organisations that require face-to-face communication flows — such as training providers, consultants, coaches and educational services — can also face lost income if they fail to implement remote learning. Teachers may not be prepared to use complicated learning management systems and set up virtual classrooms. Smaller institutions may not be able to afford the software and managing costs required to allow their teachers and coaches to hold online classes.

The outbreak has also forced organisations to suspend business travels and postpone or cancel major conferences. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), for example, has cancelled its global health conference for the first time in 58 years. Cancelled travels and events mean wasted time and financial resources. In fact, the tech industry has already lost more than $500 million from cancelled conferences.

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Webinar platforms can ease the friction

Fortunately, webinar platforms aim to help organisations run their business smoothly amid the coronavirus outbreak. ClickMeeting, for one, allows companies to host live, on-demand and automated webinars and conduct training or classes via virtual classrooms.

The browser-based solution can be used by companies to schedule and hold business meetings online easily through private video conferencing sessions. Presenters can share their screens in order to walk viewers through documents, demonstrate and explain processes, offer downloads and assign tasks to each member for easy collaboration on projects.

Educators and trainers can also use the platform to quickly design online courses and conduct training sessions through a virtual classroom. They can easily discuss concepts using a virtual whiteboard, offer a list of resources, and use tools to give exams to students. These sessions can be revisited if students need to review a certain lesson.

The platform also enables companies to hold events and conferences without requiring in-person attendance in physical venues. Virtual summits can gather different experts and professionals to share their knowledge to individuals all over the world. These are scalable and can handle large online events with thousands of attendees.

“Nobody knows where the coronavirus outbreak will go from here and for how long countries, businesses, and educational institutions will need to be in an emergency planning mode,” said ClickMeeting Managing Director Dominika Paciorkowska.

Simon Grabowski, the company’s CEO, is proud of the support that ClickMeeting’s webinar solution platform can offer healthcare providers in particular. “This way, doctors will receive a free and professional tool for efficient and real-time communication with each other, to run meaningful consultations and share documents,” he said.

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Every bit helps

Beyond the effects of coronavirus on businesses, companies must do the right thing and do their best to limit the spread of the virus and protect their employees. The availability of webinar platforms can help them implement flexible working arrangements, engage customers, and hold online conferences, allowing them to run their businesses as usual without risking their team’s safety.

With capable tools and an effective webinar solution at their disposal, companies should be able to keep their operations performing smoothly, even during a global crisis.

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