Cognizant’s 21 jobs of the future: Low tech within five years

The report divides the 21 predicted occupations into four distinct categories:

  • Low-tech jobs predicted within the next five years
  • Low-tech jobs predicted within the next ten years
  • High-tech jobs predicted within the next five years
  • High-tech jobs predicted within the next ten years

This article will look into the first category.

Data Trash Engineer

The proposed role of a data trash engineer involves recycling data that hasn’t been in use within the past 12 months, by feeding it into machine learning algorithms in an attempt to find hidden capabilities that may be present, operating a “trash-to-treasure” initiative.

The ideal candidate for this position, according to the report, will be good with analytics and statistics, as well as being decisive and able to work with various projects.

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Esports Arena Builder

The report predicts that physical arenas that are purpose-built for hosting esports will gain in popularity over the next five years, with the industry estimated to be worth $12 billion by the year 2030.

An Esports Arena Builder will be responsible for the construction of arenas predicted to host around 50,000 spectators, as well as deploying personalised consoles, managing contracts, designing augmented/virtual reality displays and putting together high-definition viewing screens.

Head of Business Behaviour

The Head of Business Behaviour has been proposed as an up-and-coming retail position, the duties of which involve analysis of customer behaviour using emotional, interaction and performance data, among other factors.

Strategies generated by the Head of Business Behaviour are tipped to be involved in areas such as employee experience and satisfaction, and cross-company collaboration.

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Joy Adjutant

Inspired by the 2015 novel ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo, the proposed Joy Adjutant occupation will work alongside an AI-powered ‘Just-Organise-and-Offload-Your-Stuff’ (JOOYS) platform to help customers declutter their homes.

The main duty of the Joy Adjutant, of which ‘tens of thousands’ are estimated to be in action, is to help clients determine whether various items lying around their home brings them joy or not, before they decide to throw things away that no longer have a use.

Juvenile Cybercrime Rehabilitation Counsellor

It is estimated that cybercrime is becoming the new trend among young people when it comes to criminal activity, replacing the thrill for underage drinking and smoking felt by previous generations.

With this in mind, counsellors are predicted to come into action within the next five years in an effort to prevent cyber criminals from re-offending.

These counsellors will apparently be set out in small rehabilitation teams based across the country, and will have previous experience in IT development and cybersecurity.

Applicants will, according to the report, be required to partake in a training and qualification exam before taking on the position.

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Tidewater Architect

The Tidewater Architect is predicted to be in charge of overseeing projects across the world that aim to combat rising sea levels.

Essential requirements include hydro-engineering, civil engineering and architectural expertise, in addition to a perfect understanding of the potential risks of rising sea levels.

People in this post will work closely with national or state maintenance authorities to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to planning, implementing and monitoring projects.

Uni4Life Coordinator

This idea involves the proposition of an education institution that offers education to people in any stage of their lives, as opposed to only offering 3-year courses.

Coordinators working for Uni4Life will make use of the institution’s virtual study technology by helping students find the best curriculum for them by creating predictive algorithms based on student data.

The Uni4Life system, according to Cognizant’s report, also encourages coordinators to continue learning while on the job in an aim to maintain a high level of mental fitness.

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Vertical Farm Consultant

Vertical farms are another developing technology that is gaining in popularity due to its capability of shielding products from the impacts of global warming.

Cognizant’s report predicts that the Vertical Farm Consultant will become a widely available position in the near future. The position will involve democratisation of the vertical farming industry, as well as a know-how when it comes to cultivating relationships with local traders and customers.

The Vertical Farm Consultant is also predicted to be required to host workshops and classes to encourage healthier eating and teach community leaders and members the benefits of vertical farms.

VR Arcade Manager

With virtual reality arcades gaining traction across the world and the realm of VR as a whole predicted to become bigger than television within a generation, the demand for VR Arcade Managers is estimated to grow within the next five years.

This position will involve taking charge of VR arcade maintenance, including physical technology, staff, concessions, customer experience and promotion.


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