A.I. Artificial Intelligence

AI & Machine Learning

How AI can improve asset reliability – interview with Fluke Reliability

Information Age speaks to Fluke Reliability president Ankush Malhotra and CTO Aaron Merkin on how AI can assist their customers to improve the lifespan of their industrial assets

Generative AI

Biggest AI myths in customer experience

It is estimated that by 2026 over 80 per cent of organisations will use generative AI APIs, but there are a lot of myths about its potential, says CTO Robert Mansfield


How AI will shift the security landscape in 2024

The impact of AI within cybersecurity is expected to grow significantly this year, says Alex Holland, senior malware analyst at HP

Software and Applications

The state of play in software development

Korally Mandimby, founder of Ki Reply, spoke with Information Age about the rising presence of AI in software development, and how businesses can future-proof projects.

AI & Machine Learning

How insurtech is using artificial intelligence

Insurance technology (insurtech) is rapidly evolving, allowing for digitalisation of insurance sector processes. Here, we explore the role of AI in this trend

AI & Machine Learning

Only 22% of IT staff fully understand capabilities of AI tools

AI is being explored across multiple sectors, but IT staff surveyed by SolarWinds are found to be struggling to use tools to full capability


Historical education bolstered by AI-powered digital human

A digital human modelled and trained on the writings of Luigi Einaudi has been released by the Einaudi Foundation and Reply.

AI & Machine Learning

NCSC releases guidelines for secure AI development

New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) aims to help businesses securely innovate with AI and minimise risks

Major Contracts

Jeremy Hunt to announce science and tech VC programme

The Chancellor is looking to cultivate a group of investors specialising in AI, robotics and vaccines

AI & Machine Learning

AI observability launched by New Relic to aid LLM monitoring

AI Monitoring (AIM) from observability provider New Relic will help business customers to monitor and mitigate LLM performance flaws.

Generative AI

Sam Altman reveals further Microsoft funding plans, to aid AGI development

In an FT interview, OpenAI chief Sam Altman said further investment from Microsoft is being explored, to back artificial general intelligence.

AI & Machine Learning

Bletchley Park AI summit takeaways

Leading AI companies including Open AI, Google and Meta all sign non-binding agreement to have their technology inspected by government regulators