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Historical education bolstered by AI-powered digital human

A digital human modelled and trained on the writings of Luigi Einaudi has been released by the Einaudi Foundation and Reply.

AI & Machine Learning

NCSC releases guidelines for secure AI development

New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) aims to help businesses securely innovate with AI and minimise risks

AI & Machine Learning

Jeremy Hunt to announce science and tech VC programme

The Chancellor is looking to cultivate a group of investors specialising in AI, robotics and vaccines

AI & Machine Learning

AI observability launched by New Relic to aid LLM monitoring

AI Monitoring (AIM) from observability provider New Relic will help business customers to monitor and mitigate LLM performance flaws.

AI & Machine Learning

Sam Altman reveals further Microsoft funding plans, to aid AGI development

In an FT interview, OpenAI chief Sam Altman said further investment from Microsoft is being explored, to back artificial general intelligence.

AI & Machine Learning

Bletchley Park AI summit takeaways

Leading AI companies including Open AI, Google and Meta all sign non-binding agreement to have their technology inspected by government regulators


Large language models in cybersecurity

With generative AI being a possible a game changer for legitimate businesses and cybercrime gangs alike, we explore the double-edged sword large language models present to cybersecurity

AI & Machine Learning

AI Safety Summit: what to expect

Government officials and tech companies are set to come together for the world's first AI Safety Summit on the 1st and 2nd November

AI & Machine Learning

$10m AI Safety Fund launched by GenAI consortium

The Frontier Model Forum, consisting of OpenAI, Anthropic, Microsoft and Google, announces new funding towards AI safety, and a new executive director

Generative AI

Geoffrey Hinton realised mankind was history when AI got the joke

So-called ‘godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton says he realised that humanity had created its own successor when Google’s PaLM explained why a joke was funny

AI & Machine Learning

“Meaningful” AI regulation needed from UK government, says report

A University of Cambridge report states that “solid legal and ethical AI regulation” will be key to trust from UK industry and public

AI & Machine Learning

Over two-thirds of IT leaders concerned about deepfake attacks

68 per cent of IT decision makers surveyed by Integrity360 express concerns about threat actors using deepfakes to target their businesses