The dark side of the cloud

The cloud is often hailed as the future of data storage, but it does have disadvantages according to research from Parker Software.

Cloud storage is often hailed as the future of data storage in IT, but there are still risks involved. Live chat expert, Parker Software, has collated an infographic explaining the disadvantages of cloud storage and why there remains a strong demand for on-premises software instead – it can be downloaded here.

Headlines suggest that cloud storage provides the most cost-effective hosting model, but that’s not necessarily true. In this infographic, Parker Software shows some of the cloud statistics that aren’t so commonly shared.

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Research suggests that 31% of IT departments have hit roadblocks for cloud delivering business value. What’s more, 6% reported no or very little value from a cloud-based model.

The notion that the cloud is the answer to every business hosting problem is exaggerated. Admittedly, with the right provider and under the right circumstances, cloud storage can be effective — but it is not necessarily right for everyone.

In the infographic, Parker Software touches on the use of alternative on-premises models, as well as hybrid models that use private and public cloud deployment.

“Cloud providers have a vested interest in spreading the benefits of using a cloud based model,” explained Stephen Parker, CEO of Parker Software. “There’s no denying the innovation of the cloud and the storage model certainly does have its benefits.

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However, this doesn’t automatically mean the cloud is right for your business model.

“Cloud storage will continue to rise, but on-premises storage will also be available for the foreseeable future. By releasing the infographic, we hope to help businesses make an informed decision on what storage model is right for them, rather than obliviously jumping on the cloud band wagon.”

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