Data backup and blockchain, is this a game changer?

The hype of the cryptocurrency bandwagon may just be giving way to more practical applications of blockchain and maybe 2019 will mark the year when it finally happens. Take data storage and security. It seems that data backup and blockchain may be set come together.

Alex Sakaguchi, Solutions Marketer at Veritas  thinks so. “Data and IT staff will tend to incorporate more blockchain technology into their workflows for data security and protection,” he said.

Mr Sakaguchi added: “In the coming year, organisations that can effectively leverage blockchain will be the clear winners as technologies continue to converge.”

Blockchain and data backup

“The benefits that blockchain will bring to an organisation’s security protocols are unparalleled,” he continued “and traditional backup will give way to hyperconverged solutions.

“Convergence will occur between compliance, protection and security as businesses continue to address risks and exploit opportunity with the data they have access to.

“This makes blockchain ripe for the backup and recovery market because it can touch all pieces of data, stored in any location.

“As long as data exists, the need to tap into that data will also exist – but who has access to this data will be the real determinant of blockchain’s power.

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Three groups

“As we look to 2019, we’ll need to keep three groups in mind: the user, the organisation and any third parties. Individuals will need the opportunity to delete their data and access it when they like. Organisations will want to use insights from the data to explore new opportunities. And both parties should be concerned with any threats from third parties.

“Blockchain can provide a solution that enables all of the above. But before it can be widely adopted, factors such as people, legality, business, culture and more will need to be in agreement.

Don’t let blockchain hype become your excuse for inertia – blockchain supply chain can ensure trust

Is blockchain coming of age? Maybe we are moving beyond the hype associated with cryptocurrencies, and onto a real world of practical applications, such as ensuring trust between digital partners, with blockchain for the supply chain. Then again, Gert Sylvest, of GM Tradeshift Frontiers says that we must be realistic, blockchain on its own is not enough.


More innovation in blockchain and data backup

“In 2019, we will see more innovators experimenting with blockchain use that demonstrate many of the blockchain data protection benefits.”

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