A data storyteller: a line of code that makes data narrate stories

Talking computers are nothing new.

Advances in technology have seen the rise of applications like Siri – revolutionary for it’s time, but now something that is barely sniffed at.

It is a societal norm.

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Turning complex, heavy, data into something tangible, however, is a different matter.

The current trend sees companies creating visualisations to make sense of data, to draw insights from them.

Neerav Parekh, founder and Director of vPhrase – the company that developed the data storyteller – believes this is hindering businesses ability to fully understand the data they retrieve.

“Visualisations are not insight, you need to interpret visualisations to draw insights from them. Our platform helps companies convert data into insightful and actionable stories.”

The idea is to convert structured data into ‘stories’ that can be easily understood by humans.

The code analyses the data and uses it to form a simple narrative. A narrative that will be far better understood because the data is being expressed in coherent audible language, rather than coded numbers.

This simplification has huge benefits.

It will help in optimising time management, and will simply dense reports for customers and employees.

Most importantly, the story being told will help with decision-making, as clearer insights will be generated from the data story.

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Krishna Chokhani – Zone Startups India – suggests that this communicable data will be a technology game-changer that will “set an example of sustainable start-ups, where growth would be achieved based on pure technology play and not by marketing or incurring other customer-acquisition costs”.

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